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MatérielArticle sur l'obsolescence programmée, moniteur CRT éteint

L'obsolescence programmée, c'est quoi ?

Vous est-il déjà arrivé de vivre votre vie sereinement, d’entamer votre semaine comme d’habitude, d’aller au travail, de rentrer chez vous et PAF ! Votre ordinateur vous lâche sans aucune raison a...

MatérielDiffuser services de streaming sur des enceintes Devialet

Comment diffuser des services de streaming et webradios en Hi-Res sur des enceintes Devialet ?

Si vous souhaitez diffuser des webradios ou des services de streaming tels que Qobuz, Tidal ou Deezer sur vos enceintes Devialet, en Hi-Res, Octavio Stream est la solution.

MatérielPourquoi utiliser une Nvidia Shield TV ?

Pourquoi utiliser une Nvidia Shield TV ?

Ce Stick embarque Android TV qui permet d’exploiter toutes les applications compatibles dans le Play Store.

MatérielPourquoi utiliser une Apple TV ?

Pourquoi utiliser une Apple TV ?

Concentré de technologie, l’Apple TV se présente sous la forme d’un boîtier ultra compact de 9,3cm de coté pour seulement 31mm d’épaisseur accompagné d’une télécommande intelligente.

MatérielDiffuser le son en AirPlay depuis une Apple TV

Diffuser le son en AirPlay depuis une Apple TV

Diffuser en AirPlay 2 sur son système audio depuis une Apple TV est très simple à mettre on oeuvre. Dans cet article, on vous explique comment faire.  Comment ça marche ? Sur votre Apple TV, rendez...

MatérielPourquoi roder ses enceintes ?

Why break in your speakers?

Burn-in is a practice that aims to optimize speaker performance and maximize their capacity, but the question of its necessity is divisive.

MatérielQu’est-ce qu’un haut-parleur passif ?

What is a passive speaker?

Appearing on certain high-end models in the 70s, passive speakers (also called radiators) used a clever process of recovering the rear bass wave of the main speaker.

MatérielUtiliser des enceintes Hi-Fi avec sa TV

Using Hi-Fi speakers with your TV

If you have a pair of quality speakers, it may be time to imagine a mixed solution which will allow you to benefit from TV sound in full quality while having the possibility of listening to your...

MatérielComment diffuser de la musique à plusieurs sur la même enceinte ?

How to stream music to several people on the same speaker?

Jam thus offers the possibility of creating a single playlist and listening to it together in real time. Participants in a session can add songs to a common playlist that they can access.

AutreEssayez les produits Octavio chez vous avant d’acheter

Try Octavio products at home before buying

When you order an Octavio product, you have the option to select the "Pay in 30 days" payment method. This payment method allows you to receive your order without paying a single euro.

MatérielFaire revivre son système stéréo B&O Ouverture

Revive your B&O Ouverture stereo system

If you want to take your Beosound Ouverture system to a new dimension, combining it with an Octavio Stream is a more than interesting option.

MatérielOctavio Maestro en configuration stéréo

How to place your speakers?

When you want to enjoy a quality sound experience, it is essential to take into account the acoustics of your listening room and the placement of your speakers. A high-performance Hi-Fi system can ...

MatérielEnceinte A-bsolument Prodige / © Crédit Photo /

How to use Octavio Stream with the Prodige A-absolument speaker?

Switching your Prodige A-absolutely to Wi-Fi configuration is a more than interesting option if you want to go further in terms of audio quality.

MatérielPourquoi utiliser un préampli phono ?

Why use a phono preamp?

A preamplifier is an electronic device used to adjust and correct the signal sent by the source to which it is attached. We often speak of a "phono preamp" for vinyl turntables.

MatérielMono ou Stéréo ? Les différences et les avantages.

Why listen in stereo? The differences and advantages.

Stereo listening has become a standard in music and audio in general. It involves using two distinct channels to create a more realistic listening experience.

MatérielCaisson de basse posé au sol

Why add a subwoofer to your installation?

What is a subwoofer? A subwoofer or subwoofer in English is an audio device belonging to the speaker family. Dedicated to bass frequencies (i.e. frequencies below 100Hz), it is made up, like the...

MatérielPhoto d'un NAS

Why store music files on a NAS?

There are many benefits to using a NAS. In particular, the possibility of distributing your files without internet access.

MatérielBar / Restaurant

How to add sound to a restaurant or business?

Sound for a restaurant or business is a wise investment to strengthen the brand image and improve the customer experience . We explain how to do it in this article.

MatérielIntérieur maison salon

Why improve the acoustics of your room?

Acoustics play a big role in listening quality, so the acoustic comfort of a room is an element that should not be neglected.

MatérielSchéma du fonctionnement d'Octavio Trade

Octavio Trade, the trade-in program for your Octavio device

In exchange for your existing Octavio device, we offer you preferential prices on our entire range of Octavio products.

MatérielPourquoi avoir de la musique dans toutes ses pièces ?

Why have music in all your rooms?

Today, having music in every room of your home is easily accessible. We'll explain how to do it.

MatérielPourquoi utiliser un DAC ?

Why use a DAC?

Music enthusiasts are always looking for ways to improve the sound quality of their audio systems. In some cases, using a DAC can be a very effective solution. What is a DAC? A DAC (Digital An...