How to stream music to several people on the same speaker?

Comment diffuser de la musique à plusieurs sur la même enceinte ?

Tired of seeing your phone passed around from hand to hand during parties with friends? Frustrated having to go from alternative rock to Lake Connemara in seconds? Spotify, the streaming juggernaut, offers a solution to your problems! With its Jam functionality, music streaming becomes collaborative. We explain everything in detail in this article.

What is Spotify's Jam feature?

Launched in 2023, Spotify's Jam feature is an option that allows users to sync their devices and control their music together. Jam thus offers the possibility of creating a single playlist and listening to it together in real time. Participants in a session can add songs to a common playlist that they can access.

If only premium accounts can create a Jam, you will still be able to join your friends' Jam with a free account. The Jam functionality has the advantage of being compatible with connected speakers and the majority of Bluetooth speakers. A Jam must necessarily be created from the Spotify mobile application.

How to start a Jam?

To start a Jam on Spotify, nothing could be simpler:

  • Go to the “Devices” icon located on the banner at the bottom of your application. For Spotify regulars, you should easily identify it because it is the same icon as Spotify Connect
How to stream to multiple speakers
  • Spotify will then ask you to launch your Jam. You can share it using a QR code, or share a link by sending it directly to your friends. Another interesting option is that you will be able to share your Jam by bringing your phones together to allow them to join it. However, the Spotify application must be open and the Bluetooth mode of your phone must be activated.

How to start a Jam on Spotify

Share your Spotify Jam

Once joined, collaborative mode opens up to you. All people participating in a Jam can in fact take control over the content broadcast on the speaker. Participants will be able to add their title, modify the current playlist and have control over the volume. Good to know, the host can activate or not these different authorizations.

In addition to being able to collaborate on the same network and the same speaker, a Jam can also be done remotely with your friends. The principle will be the same, but you will broadcast on different speakers

By bringing music lovers together around a collaborative playlist, Spotify's Jam feature takes music sharing to a new dimension. Whether you are in the evening with your friends, at home with family or remotely, the immersion will be there.

Practical information:

The Spotify algorithm will take into account the profile of all participants in order to offer you recommendations of suitable songs.

Can we create a Spotify Jam to broadcast on Octavio products?

The Octavio Maestro connected speaker (as well as all our products such as the Octavio Stream network player and the Octavio Amp connected amplifier) ​​are compatible with Spotify Connect. You will therefore be able to create a Jam and broadcast on Octavio products

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