Comparison of Sonus Faber, Focal and Davis Acoustics speakers

Comparatif enceintes Sonus Faber, Focal et Davis Acoustics

The association of an amplifier with a pair of speakers is a crucial point of any Hi-Fi installation; poor coupling between the amplifier and the speakers can degrade the listening experience.

As an audio manufacturer, we have had the opportunity to test our products with numerous systems and we will endeavor to summarize our different tests for you in a comparative table. We will give you a neutral but subjective opinion of the various speaker and association tests that we have carried out.

Each time we tested several speakers within the same range (a bookshelf model and a column model), always associated with our Octavio Amp amplifier with its most powerful power supply (2x100W). We will thus discuss the differences and distinctions that can be expressed between library models and columns.

Of course, each person has a different apprehension and expectation of sound, we will always advise you to try the combination between the amplifier and your speakers in order to check that it corresponds to your ears.

Products under test:

Davis Acoustics :

Krypton 3: 990 euros per pair
Krypton 6: 1490 euros per pair

Focal :

Chorus 706: 400 euros per pair
Chorus 726: 800 euros per pair

Sonus Faber :

Lumina I: 899 euros per pair
Lumina III: 2199 euros per pair

Octavio :

Octavio Amp 65W: 699 euros
Octavio Amp 100W: 749 euros


In terms of design, the models were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 on three different criteria: The overall design of the product, their finishes as well as their size. In these aspects, it is overall the Sous Faber speakers and their Lumina range which stand out thanks to a design, in our opinion, more accomplished. The Sonus Faber, moreover, will be easy to place in all types of rooms thanks to their compact format. This is also the case for the Krypton range. The Chorus range, which is more imposing, will however require a little more space.

Musicality :

On the Musical side, it was the Kypton 6 from Davis Acoustics that won us over. Even if it sometimes lacks a little precision at the orchestral level, the voices and instruments are particularly present.

Listen :

When listening, some may prefer the analytical precision of the Focal Chorus, others the fidelity of the timbres of the voices or instruments reproduced by the Davis Acoustics Krypton. For our part, we appreciate the greater versatility of Sonus Faber's Lumina range. With a wide soundstage and a very convincing presence, the Lumina I and Lumina III speakers offer warm and exciting listening that will never tire you during prolonged listening.


Whatever the type of speakers used, Octavio Amp is capable of providing all the necessary power while maintaining very high precision with a distortion rate that remains minimal. Whether the source is wired from a vinyl turntable, optical and latency-free from your TV, or high-resolution streaming, Octavio is formidable in all configurations, all integrated into an extremely compact and elegant format.

In conclusion :

Even if the choice of sources and amplification remains essential in the creation of your Hifi ensemble, it is obvious that the choice of speakers is decisive. In fact, it is the last link in the chain which will allow you to restore your albums. You must therefore take the time to listen and compare the speakers in order to select the ones that suit you best, it is really a choice specific to each person.

We hope that this comparison will help you better determine the criteria that seem most important to you in your search. If you already own a pair of speakers, just remember that Octavio Amp will be perfect in all cases.

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