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Octavio was born in two Lille apartments.

The two founders, David and Victor, had at the time old vintage audio systems that their parents had bequeathed to them, but which were no longer necessarily compatible with their way of listening to music: via streaming platforms.

Rather than throwing away these old systems to which they were very attached, they decided to find an alternative solution. What if the good idea was simply to update them, rather than replace them?

After months of prototyping and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Octavio Stream was born.
Today, more than 3,000 customers around the world have been able to modernize their installation using Octavio technology.

Octavio is above all a team of music enthusiasts with a common desire: to make the world of High Fidelity accessible and democratized.

Participate in the French design

We try, as far as possible, to promote the know-how of French industries.
By choosing Octavio products, you contribute to the development of the local economy.

Want to know more about production? It's happening right here .

We pay particular attention to professional well-being

Allowing the whole team to work in a space on a human scale and a pleasant setting contributes to our approach to well-being at work.
A person at ease in his environment is a happy person.

Internalize for quality products

From customer service to mobile development, including mechanical aspects, we make every effort to internalize as many resources as possible to guarantee maximum quality and durability.


Birth of the Project

Still music students at the University of Lille, David and Victor, the founders of Octavio, are both faced with the same problem. They have Hi-Fi systems which sound perfectly, but which are no longer compatible with their way of listening to music.

Two alternatives are possible: replace their current system with a high-end connected speaker or modernize their installation.
Replacing an existing system is ecological nonsense, and their student budget at the time prevents them from turning to audiophile equipment.

So why not create the solution?


Release of Octavio Stream

After 3 years of R&D and a difficult year of production during the pandemic, Octavio Stream is born thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

Octavio Stream brings new life to an existing installation, while taking into account the audiophile needs of customers and the environmental challenges of the project. The product is marketed at 199 euros, a price that seemed to us and which still seems to us to be the fairest possible.

The first users are won over, the surprise press and distribution requests are piling up...

The project is launched and the product validated.


Octavio Amp release

Following the success of our first product, the team grew and the company became more structured. The idea of ​​a second product materializes quickly at the request of many customers and users. The design of Octavio Amp is therefore natural and complements the brand's offer.

In order to meet the needs of customers with only passive loudspeakers, Octavio Amp appears to be the ideal product. A compact and connected product par excellence, it incorporates Octavio technology and builds on what made our first product so successful.

Available in many stores in France and abroad, Octavio Amp has also won over the press and hundreds of customers.


Release of Octavio Maestro

For any company specializing in audio, the creation and marketing of a loudspeaker is necessarily part of its aspirations. Maybe even more when you are passionate about music. It is still necessary to surround yourself well and offer a quality product.

After several years of development in parallel with our other projects, Octavio Maestro is born. Condensed with technology, this loudspeaker alone represents the spirit of the brand, between modernity and Hi-Fi heritage.

Available for pre-order, it will be possible to listen to it in store and will be delivered from March.

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