Octavio Amp

Hi-Fi connected amplifier
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Give your classic speakers a second wind and enjoy all your music sources.

Power supply: 65W

Opt for an elegant, discreet and efficient amplifier.

Go mini

Say goodbye to heavy and bulky amplifiers for a more refined and up-to-date installation.

The heart of your audio system

More than an amplifier, Octavio Amp is the central element of your installation.
Connect it to your TV, CD player, turntable and adopt a system in the air of time.

The best sound for your movies

Create a link between your television and your speakers to enjoy all your films or series in stereo .

Designed to last

Like all Octavio products, Amp is assembled in-house and designed from durable , unscrewable and repairable materials to combat obsolescence.

Both in its philosophy and its dimensions, the product is in any case truly of its time.
The new Octavio Amp goes one step further, as it will offer, in a more luxurious form, the same network capabilities, all with richer connectivity and a built-in stereo amplifier.
Far from the large volume of most streamers, the Amp of the French manufacturer Octavio relies on a real compactness.

A rich and refined interface

Discover Octavio Virtuose, the mobile application renowned for its simple and modern interface.

Control your device, stream your music or find music downloaded to your computer or NAS in just a few clicks.

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Avec quelles enceintes associer Octavio Amp ?

Découvrez les retours de nos utilisateurs ou de l'équipe Octavio sur des associations d'enceintes avec Octavio Amp.

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Dali Zensor 3

Dali Zensor 3

Retour de Philippe A. sur l'association de ses enceintes Dali Zensor 3 et Octavio Amp.

Focal Chorus 726

Focal Chorus 726

Retour de Nicolas T. sur l'association de ses enceintes Focal Chorus 726 et Octavio Amp.

Philips 22-RH-53

Philips 22-RH-53

Retour de Jean-Luc P. sur l'association de ses enceintes Philips 22-RH-53 et Octavio Amp.

Your music in streaming

Enjoy the best audio technologies and all your streaming services in high fidelity

The perfect duo

Optimize your listening experience using Qobuz, the high-fidelity streaming service.

Curious about the impact on audio quality?

Test the online experience

Integrated technologies

Spotify Connect

Find your Octavio device from the official Spotify app, on mobile, tablet or PC.

Tidal Connect

Find your Octavio device from the official Tidal app, on mobile, tablet or PC.

Plays with Audirvana

Stream your music in Hi-Res from your Qobuz, Tidal account or your local files from your computer.

Learn more

Octavio is an official Audirvana partner.
As such, benefit from 3 months free software with the purchase of a product from the Octavio range.

With you and for a long time

Octavio Amp is eligible for the Octavio Trade program, in order to upgrade it according to your installation.

Discover Octavio Trade

Included with the device

Octavio Amp

Wi-Fi antenna

External power supply

Instructions for use

Technical specifications

Amplification power (24V)

2 x 35W (8Ω)
2 x 65W(4Ω)

Amplification power (32V)

2 x 60W (8Ω)
2 x 100W(4Ω)

Efficiency higher than 92%.
THD less than 0.005% for 1 W
Auxiliary (RCA) x 2
Optical (Toslink)
USB (media player on storage media)


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