Why use Serviio?

Diffusion de musique stockée sur un ordinateur

When to use Serviio on Octavio products?

  • Over time, you have built up a music library from different sources (CD, iTunes, Windows Media Player, SoundCloud, etc.) and you want to be able to share this content to a network player such as the Octavio Stream, Amp or Maestro.

  • You do not have access to an internet network, but have local files that you wish to broadcast in Hi-Res without sound compression.

  • You do not yet have a subscription to a streaming service .

What is Serviio?

You probably have all your audio files stored on an external drive or maybe even directly on your Mac or PC computer. Traditionally, to benefit from your music directly in your personal network it is recommended to do it via a NAS (link to article).

However, there is a less expensive and relatively simple solution which consists of adding a server function to your computer. So, this option allows you to test whether it is relevant for you to equip yourself with a NAS .

This solution is called Serviio, its free version already allows you to share your audio content and that is what interests us today. The paid Pro version ($25) is intended for those who need more advanced features.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux thanks to Java technology, Serviio supports many audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA Lossless, AAC, OGG, FLAC, Apple Lossless

Although today's subject rather concerns dematerialized music to listen to on your audio system via Octavio products (Stream, Amp or Maestro), it is interesting to know that Serviio also allows you to manage your photos or videos in order to to make them accessible on your screens (TV, Tablet, Smartphone)

How to use Serviio with Octavio products?

  • Install Serviio on your Windows PC or MAC computer (The software is in English during installation, the French selection will be made in the configuration)
  • Open the Serviio software

  • Go to the tab on the left of your screen: Library > Shared Directories > Browse.
  • Select the folder(s) you want to share and click OK.
  • Select the type of audio media you want to share and click OK.

  • Depending on how your library is organized, the path to the files to share will be different.

  • Click Save.

Your library of audio files is now shared on your personal network and accessible from the Octavio Virtuose application installed on your smartphone or tablet. Managing playlists is entirely possible and if your content has information such as covers or album or song titles, it will be displayed in the application.

If you wish to create a network with several Octavio products, it will be possible for each of them to broadcast different or simultaneous music.

Disadvantage :

Unlike storage on a NAS, your computer must be turned on, connected to the network and sharing files constantly.

NB: there are also other alternatives for sharing music from your computer, such as Plex.

To remember :

You want to build a quality audio library and be able to freely enjoy it on your audio systems, then the Serviio / Octavio combo is an excellent, reliable solution that will provide the best possible sound reproduction.

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