How to use Octavio Stream with the Prodige A-absolument speaker?

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A specialist in vintage radio restoration, A.absolument, the Clermont-based audio brand, launched this year its new Bluetooth connected speaker, the Prodige speaker.

The A.absolument speaker has a 13 cm main speaker on the market as well as two tweeters dedicated to high frequencies of Focal origin. It also integrates a 60 watt amplifier and two 15 watt amplifiers each, which power the three speakers of the speaker. 

Absolutely shares our commitment to an eco-responsible approach. Indeed, their speakers are made from recycled materials, this is the case for example of their chassis but also of their paint (organic) or even the wood present on the speaker which comes from an eco-managed French forest

A Bluetooth speaker

On the connectivity side, the Prodige speaker integrates a Bluetooth 5.2 module supporting aptX and aptX HD codes (if your mobile is compatible) and the multipoint functionality which allows two phones to be linked to the same speaker.

The speaker also has a 3.5 mm mini-jack auxiliary input to combine different sources. We obviously think of a vinyl turntable, provided that it is pre-amplified .

Although its use is simple and its design does not leave one indifferent, the Prodige speaker cannot escape the disadvantages linked to Bluetooth technology ( compression of the audio signal, distance limit, interruption during playback among others)

Switching your speaker to Wi-Fi configuration is therefore a more than interesting option if you want to go further in terms of audio quality.

How to connect Octavio Stream to your A.absolument speaker?

To switch your Prodige speaker to Wi-Fi configuration, nothing could be simpler. Simply plug Octavio Stream into the auxiliary input of your A-absolument speaker and configure it on your internet network. Just be sure to choose the associated 3.5mm Jack cable.

The combination of Octavio Stream and the A-absolument speaker can also open the doors to stereo and multiroom. Indeed, the Prodige speaker does not have a "pairing" function, it will be necessary to combine two streamers in addition to your two speakers to broadcast in stereo, i.e. a pack costing more than 1700 euros.

Octavio Maestro , the obvious alternative

Unlike the Prodige A-absolument speaker, Octavio Maestro features streaming technology and dedicated bi-amplification. This is an all-in-one connected speaker with Hi-Fi character.

Only a power outlet and an internet box will be needed to broadcast. Furthermore, you can combine two Maestros together to switch to a stereo configuration, for just under €1200.

Octavio Maestro, the connected speaker in stereo configuration

In addition to integrating the Deezer and Qobuz catalogs, the Octavio application allows products to be updated remotely in order to combat obsolescence. Octavio Maestro is also compatible with AirPlay2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. You will also be able to stream content stored on your NAS or on your computer.

On the connectivity side, you will find in addition to an auxiliary input, an optical input and an Ethernet connection.



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