How to place your speakers?

Octavio Maestro en configuration stéréo

When you want to enjoy a quality sound experience, it is essential to take into account the acoustics of your listening room to ensure the best placement of your speakers. A high-performance Hi-Fi system can only reveal its full potential if it is adapted to its environment. In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to properly place your speakers to optimize your listening experience. There is an ideal listening position, and you should be able to get as close to it as possible. However, this may be more or less restrictive depending on the nature of your configuration.

The listening room  

The quality of sound reproduction is directly linked to the acoustics of the room. If you want to know how to optimize the acoustics of your room, we have written an article on the subject available right here.

It is important to determine the power needed based on the surface area and height of your room. It is advisable to distribute the power of the speakers well by adjusting their positioning in order to obtain uniform listening. For example, with a pair of bookshelf speakers such as the Octavio Maestro , you can cover an area of ​​approximately 40m2 with a sufficient listening level.

It is then possible to optimize sound reproduction by adjusting the position of your speakers in relation to the walls and obstacles surrounding them. Place the right and left speakers an equal distance from the side walls for even sound reflection, while ensuring that this distance is not too small.

For rear-ported bass reflex speakers, the distance between the speakers and the rear wall must also be taken into account. For a better result, it is advisable to leave a gap of 15 to 30 cm.

The listening position

Ideally, the distance between the speakers and the listening point should be equivalent to that between the two speakers, so as to form an equilateral triangle, to obtain a realistic soundstage. You can, however, vary these distances to find the layout best suited to your room.

For floor-standing speakers, height is usually not an issue, but for bookshelf speakers, make sure they are placed at the same height and that the tweeters (high speakers) are aligned with the ears.
To do this, you have the choice between placing the speakers on a piece of furniture, paying attention to the material in order to avoid vibrations as much as possible, or on suitable speaker stands. which will facilitate positioning in the room.

If the listening point is a specific point, such as an armchair, you can try aiming the speakers towards that point. However, for a larger listening point, such as a sofa, it is best to leave the speakers upright or turn them only very slightly.

These tips are only theoretical, each piece being unique, however by applying the few tips mentioned on this page and carrying out several positioning tests, you should obtain the listening that suits you


In conclusion, the placement of your speakers is an element that should not be neglected. By following these tips, you can maximize the capabilities of your speakers and improve your audio experience. Don't hesitate to experiment and adjust the position of your speakers according to your room and your preferences.

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