Krypton Davis Acoustics and Octavio Amp speaker review

Krypton 3 x Octavio Amp

The choice of amplifier: Octavio Amp

The association of an amplifier with a pair of speakers is a crucial point of any Hi-Fi installation; poor coupling between the amplifier and the speakers can degrade the listening experience.

As an audio manufacturer, we have had the opportunity to test our products with numerous systems and we will endeavor to summarize our different tests for you by giving you a neutral but subjective opinion of the different speaker tests and the different combinations that we carried out. 

We will each time test several speakers within the same range (a bookshelf model and a column model), always associated with our Octavio Amp amplifier with its most powerful power supply (2x100W). We will thus discuss the differences that can be expressed between the library or column models. 

Of course, each person has a different apprehension and expectation of sound, we will always advise you to try the combination between the amplifier and your speakers in order to check that it corresponds to the desired listening experience.

The choice of speakers: Krypton Davis Acoustics

The Krypton 3 and Krypton 6 are speakers from the French brand Davis Acoustics. A more imposing floorstanding speaker (Krypton 9) and a central channel complete this range.

In a compact bookcase or column format, they offer a refined design while maintaining a strong character, so they will be able to adapt to a very different range of decorations and interiors. The speakers are delivered with magnetic protective fronts, personally we prefer to leave the drivers visible. The visual rendering of the front panel is particularly successful, with different colors available but especially with the Kevlar speaker membrane (emblematic of the brand), as well as with the laminar vent located at the bottom of the front panel.

In terms of connections, the Krypton speakers maintain an ascetic side. The speaker has two terminal blocks, capable of accommodating the connection of banana plugs or bare wires. The connection will therefore be easy to make.

Whether it is the Krypton 6 (with an additional woofer made of cellulose pulp) or the Krypton 3, the design of these two speakers is very effective and coherent in order to meet a large number of uses.

Our test setup

For our tests, we used the Octavio Amp amplifier with its largest power supply, providing a power of 2x100W. The bookshelf speakers are placed on a TV cabinet in a living room of 30 m2 and we place the columns, for their part, at the ends of this piece of furniture.

Test setup, Krypton 3 x Octavio Amp

In order to compare these models, we listened to several titles from our reference playlist, still using Qobuz via the Octavio Virtuose application. We find in particular on this playlist:

  • You and your Friend, (On Every Street), Dire Straits
  • Run the World (Girls), (Red & Black Light), Ibrahim Maalouf
  • Black & White (orchestral version), (Métamorphoses), Bernard Laviliers
  • Your queen (orchestral version), (Brol La Suite), Angèle

We also listened to other music (Daft Punk, Daniela Andrade, Manu Katché) in order to check the character of the speakers on a fairly eclectic range of music.


Krypton 3

We find a precise and complete soundstage. The instrumental rendition of the trumpet on Ibrahim Maalouf is particularly impressive. On Dire Straits, we have relatively present treble without being too aggressive. The cymbals seem to float in the air subtly. The guitar like the voice remains distant, the music then benefits from a good dynamic.

The voices are distinguished from the instruments. By listening to Angèle we are able to identify and locate the different musicians represented in the sound scene. On the orchestral version of Noir & Blanc, we clearly perceive all the details, even the most subtle.

The speakers are rigorous in sound reproduction. The treble is quite directive and we notice that the speaker is very comfortable with rather dynamic music. When listening to Pop/Rock music, there is great coherence between the singers and the instruments. However, be careful about the placement of the speakers which can be demanding to maintain a realistic soundstage.

Krypton 6

When listening to the column version, we find the sound signature specific to Davis Acoustics. We find the same feeling as with the library version. If the sensations remain the same, the impressions are different. The addition of a third channel on the Krypton 6 allows for even more detail and precision. Compared to the Krypton 3, the mids are even more effective, the voices of Angèle and Lavilliers are in the foreground.

Krypton 6 x Octavio Amp

The low frequencies are rounder and the instrumental reproduction is more accomplished. Particularly on the drums ( Drum Solo (Live) , Manu Katché) and the trumpet. Although it is less demanding than its little sister, the Krypton 6 nevertheless requires fairly precise placement in order to optimize the overall result.

Why Octavio Amp?

Octavio Amp has high-efficiency digital amplification, ideal for efficiently powering all types of more or less demanding speakers. The product has transparency and dynamics perfectly suited to the performance of Krypton. This gives you great versatility in the different uses of the Krypton range. And in particular, from streaming services, a vinyl turntable with preamp, and even in home cinema use. Note that for home cinema use, a subwoofer associated with the Krypton 3 can be a very interesting option.


The Octavio Amp amplifier is perfectly suited and versatile to pair with these Davis Acoustics speakers. We completely imagine these speakers to provide sound for rooms ranging from 10 to 30m2. The Krypton 3 model can be used on a desk or in a home studio setup, we were also impressed with home cinema reproduction with the Octavio Amp. The Krypton 6 will find their place in a small living room provided that you can position them optimally in our environment.

The coupling of these products will allow you to have a Hi-Fi system designed and manufactured in France.

This association is for you if:

  • You like to have detailed and precise sound
  • You can effectively place your speakers
  • You also want to use your system to stream movies occasionally
  • You don't want columns that are too bulky

Last word

If you want to listen to the association between the Davis Acoustics speaker (Krypton 6) and the Octavio Amp. These two products are on display in our Tourcoing showroom .

The prices of these speakers are very consistent, the bookshelf speaker model is announced at €990. For Krypton 6 floor-standing speakers this price is €1490.

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