Revive your B&O Ouverture stereo system

Faire revivre son système stéréo B&O Ouverture

An iconic product

A UFO in the world of audio, the BeoSound Ouverture presents itself as a complete musical solution. Designed by designer David Lewis and the Danish company renowned for its high-end audio products Bang & Olufsen, this stereo system integrates a radio, a CD player and a cassette player.

The versatile design allows installation on various supports such as a wall with a dedicated bracket, a stand, a table or a shelf, providing great flexibility in its location.

The interaction with BeoSound Ouverture is unique. When you put your hand near the glass doors, they open as if by magic. This feature adds a playful dimension to the overall experience of using the product and suggests ease of instant access to its music.

When it was launched in the early 1990s, BeoSound's vertical CD playback was a world first.

A fully modular system, the BeoSound Ouverture is compatible with the entire range of Beolab speakers. However, it is still possible to add an amplifier and/or speakers from other brands if you have the appropriate adapter.

Enter the era of streaming

If you want to take your Ouverture system to a new dimension, combining it with an Octavio Stream is a more than interesting option. In fact, with our Wi-Fi network player you will be able to broadcast, in addition to your physical sources, your dematerialized music.

You are then offered the diffusion of thousands of Hi-Res files without distance limits and without any sound compression.

Octavio Stream, the ideal product to revive your Beosound channel

Initially designed for vintage amplifiers, Octavio Stream is perfectly compatible with B&O systems lacking connected functions.

How to connect Octavio Stream to your BeoSound Ouverture system?

To connect an Octavio Stream to your BeoSound Ouverture, nothing could be simpler. All you need to do is purchase a Din 7Br Male > 2x RCA female adapter.

You can find this type of adapter for around ten euros, almost everywhere on specialized sites. The B&O systems from the 90s actually have the particularity of being equipped with DIN sockets. Today, RCA inputs are much more widespread.

All you have to do is plug your Octavio Stream in its RCA version into your B&O system and connect it to your Wi-Fi network.


In the famous series “Nick Tup”, before each medical intervention, the character “Christian Troy” throws a record on his Beosound system. Appearances which have largely contributed to the success of this mythical system.

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