Configurer votre Octavio Amp

Configure your Octavio Amp

Learn how to configure your Octavio Amp to your Wi-Fi network and connect it to your passive speakers.

Utiliser les commandes de votre appareil

Use your device controls

Find out how to activate configuration mode, bluetooth or how to change sources easily with your device.

Impact énergétique du produit

Energy impact of the product

Discover the energy impact around Octavio Amp, its consumption and its repairability.

Relier votre TV

Connect your TV

Find out how to connect your TV to Octavio Amp.

Relier votre platine vinyle

Connect your vinyl turntable

Find out how to connect your turntable to Octavio Amp.

Relier votre caisson de basse

Connect your subwoofer

Find out how to connect your subwoofer to Octavio Amp.

Music streaming

How to stream your music over Wi-Fi?

Discover our guides to stream all your music in the best quality on your Octavio device.

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Octavio Amp Support

Fix a problem with your device

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I want to manually update my product

Learn how to manually update your Octavio device software.

The Virtuose app cannot find my Octavio device

Discover the most common problems that can lead to a problem detecting your Octavio device.

Playback causes audio skipping issues

The playback of certain music is interrupted? Update your device with this guide.

My Deezer Family account is not recognized on Virtuose

Is your Deezer family account not recognized on Octavio Virtuose? Find out how to quickly fix the problem.

The Virtuose application does not sequence my music correctly

Do you have problems sequencing music on Octavio Virtuose? Find out how to quickly resolve your problem.

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