My Deezer Family account is not recognized on Virtuose

To allow the Octavio Virtuose application to dissociate the accounts that make up a Deezer Family subscription (so that each user can find their music and favorites independently of other users) it is necessary to dissociate the accounts from the Deezer Family subscription. To do this, please follow the following procedure:

1. Go to the web version of Deezer , log in with the main account of your Deezer Family subscription. When logging in, select a user account to unlink.

2. Go to the “ Account Settings ” section, accessible from the menu at the top right by clicking on the icon of your user avatar.

3. Under the “ My subscription ” section, you have a “ Transform my profile into an independent account ” section. Associate a Facebook or Google account to attach the account to.

4. Once the account connection is complete, log in to Octavio Virtuose using the email address now attached to your account (Google or Facebook). If necessary, you can change your password from the subscription section of the Deezer page.

Then log in to your Deezer account using the email address and the associated password in the Octavio Virtuose application.

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