Use your device controls

Utiliser les commandes de votre appareil

Change audio source

To change the audio source, click the source button located on the front of your device.

The Octavio Amp LED will indicate the audio source used :

 White : Wireless
 Blue : Bluetooth
 Purple : Optical
 YELLOW : To 1
 Green : To both

Turn off your device

To turn off your device, press the button to the left of the source button.

Restore Wi-Fi settings

To restore the Wi-Fi settings of your Octavio device and to enter it into setup mode, press and hold for 5 seconds the source button of your device.

Activate Bluetooth mode

Press the source button on your device until the LED shows blue color to activate Octavio Amp's Bluetooth mode.

The LED on the front of your device will start flashing:

  1. If it flashes blue, your Octavio system is ready to pair with a Bluetooth device
  2. If it is solid blue, your Octavio system is already connected to another Bluetooth device

Your Octavio device can only be paired with one Bluetooth device at a time. If Octavio Amp is already paired to a device, it will not be discoverable by other devices.

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