Maestro Stereo Pack

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High-fidelity audio system
Equip yourself with an all-in-one stereo solution to listen to all your music in high fidelity.
Finishing: Light
Facades offered

Micro-perforated fronts worth €78.00 offered in stereo configuration

The most compact high-fidelity installation

Combine two Octavio Maestro speakers in stereo and benefit from a high-fidelity installation that is easily adaptable to your spaces .

Experience wireless stereo

Your pair of Octavio Maestro communicates wirelessly , so they can be installed and controlled remotely without constraints.

A concentrate of acoustic know-how

Octavio Maestro brings together 40 years of work in the world of high fidelity through its design in collaboration with Davis Acoustics .

That's all you need

Two simple wall sockets and an internet connection are all you need to install and use the Maestro Stereo Pack in the room of your choice.

Designed to last

Like all Octavio products, Maestro is assembled in-house and designed from durable , unscrewable and repairable materials to combat obsolescence.

Easy installation in any space

With its compact format and easy installation, install Maestro wherever you want to create a real high-fidelity set .

It bridges the gap between classic wireless speakers and Hi-Fi speakers. It offers the ease of use of the former and the quality of reproduction of the latter.
Octavio [...] relied heavily on the expertise of a compatriot and great specialist in Hi-Fi loudspeakers, Davis Acoustics.
With its Maestro loudspeaker, Octavio wants to revolutionize Hi-Fi.

Two ways to leave you speechless

Maestro has two speakers, each with their own amplifier to ensure perfect respect for timbres and increased dynamics .

All your music at your fingertips

Discover Octavio Virtuose, the mobile application renowned for its simple and modern interface.

Control your device, stream your music or find music downloaded to your computer or NAS in just a few clicks.

Your music streaming

Enjoy the best audio technologies and all your streaming services in high fidelity

The perfect duo

Optimize your listening experience using Qobuz, the high-fidelity streaming service.

Curious about the impact on audio quality?

Test the online experience

Integrated Technologies

Apple AirPlay 2

Stream your music from your Mac, iPad or iPhone from any sound source (Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.)

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Spotify Connect

Find your Octavio device from the official Spotify application, on mobile, tablet or PC.

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Tidal Connect

Find your Octavio device from the official Tidal application, on mobile, tablet or PC.

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Discover the advantages of the Octavio Maestro speaker

Wooden structure

A one-piece design provides overall rigidity and reduced vibrations .

Unlike composite materials, wood is a natural and organic material which has acoustic properties; always operated by artisan luthiers .

Silk dome tweeter

A reference in audio for decades, the silk dome guarantees perfect treble precision .

The voices thus become silky and crystal clear .

Kevlar speaker

The main speaker works in harmony with the other elements of the speaker.

Both light and rigid, Kevlar offers a vibrant and rhythmic transcription of sound. The high and low mids of vocals and instruments instill fidelity and presence of your favorite artists .

Passive speakers

Arranged on each side of the speaker, they allow a global and harmonious diffusion of bass throughout your room, whatever its placement.

Working in duo with the main speaker, ensuring fullness and bass control in a more compact format than bulky speakers.

Integrated amplifier

With dedicated and calibrated amplification per channel, the amplifier has streaming technology integrated into the heart of the system.

A true conductor, he coordinates each acoustic section of the speaker to restore a homogeneous and melodious whole .

Spécifications techniques


Woofer : 13cm, membrane en Kevlar Davis Acoustics
Tweeter : 2,5cm, membrane en dôme de soie Davis Acoustics

Haut-parleurs passifs (x2) : 13cm, membrane en fibre de verre

Réponse en fréquences (-3dB)

40Hz – 20kHz


70W (par enceinte) : 50W (Woofer) + 20W (Tweeter)

Classe d’amplification

Classe D

Services musicaux supportés

Deezer / Qobuz / Spotify / Tidal / Apple Music

Radios en ligne


Musique en réseau


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