The perfect duo

Thanks to Octavio technology over Wi-Fi, exploit the full potential of Qobuz, the high definition streaming service.

Online hearing experience

For better listening, a wired headset is recommended

To illustrate the difference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, we're going to take you through a sound experiment.

First of all, let's listen to a first extract of a title available from Qobuz (in Hi-Res 24bits / 96kHz).

Qobuz musical extract

For comparison, here is the same song which has undergone Bluetooth type encoding (SBC codec)

Qobuz musical extract in Bluetooth

As you may have noticed when listening, a certain amount of information has been lost, in particular the highs which reproduce less detail and the low frequencies appear more confused.

The spectrum analysis carried out on the same portion of the sound clearly shows the losses caused by compression.

Audio file without compression

Audio file with Bluetooth compression

In order to properly assess what Bluetooth did not allow you to hear, we now suggest that you listen to all of the lost information.

Qobuz musical extract (sound lost in Bluetooth)

As you have understood, Bluetooth causes sound compression when streaming music which affects the listening quality of your tracks.

This is where Octavio Wi-Fi sound technology comes into play.

Associated with the high definition broadcast quality of Qobuz, our technology then allows clear and precise sound which is teeming with details as close as possible to what the artist wanted.

Test Qobuz for free

Benefit from a 2-month trial offered to Qobuz for any purchase of an Octavio system to test the experience at home.

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