The benefits of Wi-Fi sound

When technology improves your listening

Find out how to access Hi-Fi listening quality at home using Octavio technology.

Say goodbye to Bluetooth

When compressing your music over Bluetooth, your music is compressed, similar to MP3.

This results in a loss of dynamics and frequencies (treble or bass).

Discover high-fidelity sound technology

All Octavio products benefit from our Wi-Fi sound technology.

This allows a direct connection between your audio system and the servers of your streaming platform.

Your phone thus acts as a simple remote control to control your music.

This entire process allows you to listen to your music as it was hosted by the record companies on streaming platforms, without any sound compression .

Feel your music in every detail

Wi-Fi sound gives you a listening experience without sound compression, pure sound, wireless and without limits.
Our Octavio devices connect directly to streaming service servers to retrieve your music content.

octavio virtuose

A remote control always at hand

Our Octavio products stream your music independently, using your smartphone as a simple remote control.
Browse your phone, receive calls or notifications, it will never affect your music.

Control your music as a family

As long as a phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, it can simply stream content to your audio system.
Share your audio system between all the members of your family and live together in music.

From a single phone to multiple speakers

Stream your music to one Octavio product, or to several of them, in perfect synchronization.
Create groups of devices at your convenience, to spread your music throughout your home.