Why have music in all your rooms?

Pourquoi avoir de la musique dans toutes ses pièces ?

Music has many benefits, it is a source of well-being which helps reduce stress and anxiety. It acts on the brain's reward system, stimulating the release of dopamine and endorphins. It therefore seems advantageous to invest in a multiroom system and equip your rooms to enjoy the benefits of music throughout your home.

What is multiroom?

A multiroom system is an installation that allows you to stream music wirelessly to several rooms in your house or apartment.

The speakers are connected to each other via WI-FI, while being controlled by one or more smartphones or tablets. You have the choice of broadcasting the same music in all rooms or personalizing listening by broadcasting different music , at different volumes, according to your preferences.

The advantages of multiroom

Total customization

One of the advantages of multiroom is the possibility of sounding each room differently, whether it is the volume or the choice of music, podcast or web radio, while having total control over each listening point. You can choose to leave each speaker independent from the others or group them together, allowing you to sound each room differently, whether by adjusting the volume or choosing different titles.


With a multiroom system, music follows you everywhere. You can move freely through your rooms while still listening to your music.

Ease of use

Another key advantage of multiroom is the ease of installation and control of the system.

Simply plug your system into a power outlet and connect it to your local network, either through a network outlet or via WI-FI. Then everything is done from your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated application . With a simple gesture you can group or separate the speakers to create listening zones and choose to play one or more titles on one or more speakers. It's simple and intuitive , the speakers are autonomous, your smartphone or tablet only acts as a remote control.


Finally, the multiroom system is modular, you can start with two speakers and evolve it gradually according to your desires and needs. This means you don't need to invest in a complete system upfront.

Which multiroom equipment to choose?

Octavio Maestro Speaker and Octavio Amp Amplifier

You don't have a sound system: Octavio Maestro

If you don't already have an audio system, opt for connected speakers . They will allow you to take advantage of multiroom without having to buy other equipment. At Octavio, we have developed an all-in-one connected speaker , easy to use and quick to install, which will allow you to have music in all your rooms.

You have passive speakers: Octavio Amp

If you already have speakers but which do not offer you the possibility of multiroom, then you will have to opt for a connected amplifier .

You already have an audio system that does not have the multiroom function: Octavio Stream

If you already have a complete HI-FI audio system, to which you want to add multiroom functionality, you can opt for a WI-FI network player , which will allow you to link your speakers.

Octavio multiroom eco-system, how to listen to a physical source in several rooms

Octavio offers you a complete eco-system, which allows you to equip yourself and create groups with our different products. For example, with an Octavio Amp amplifier on your main system and a Maestro speaker in your bedroom or kitchen, with this equipment it is possible to listen to a source connected to your main system (like your vinyl turntable) in your other rooms .

Discover in our video instructions how to create a multiroom group with Octavio Virtuose.

AirPlay 2

The entire Octavio product line is compatible with AirPlay 2, making it a smart choice if you use Apple devices.

Indeed, AirPlay2 allows you to stream your music to several speakers at the same time from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. However, if you want to play different music in each room, you will need a family subscription or several different individual subscriptions.

The main advantage of using the multiroom functionality offered by AirPlay 2 is that broadcasting will be possible with devices from different brands, as long as the products are AirPlay 2 compatible.

Please note: multiroom streaming is not possible with the first AirPlay protocol but only with AirPlay 2.

In summary, having music in every room of your home is easily accessible by acquiring connected speakers or upgrading your existing system. The multiroom is easy to install and use and will allow you to enjoy your music without interruption.

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