What is the best music platform in 2023?

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More accessible than ever thanks to the advent of streaming, music is now everywhere. The offers and platforms are more and more numerous and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Here is a comparison of the five most popular streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz to help you, as objectively as possible, make your choice.

Spotify: The juggernaut

Spotify logo

Price :

  • Individual: €10.99
  • Duo: €14.99
  • Family: €17.99

    Benefits :

    • A catalog of more than 80 million titles and 3 million podcasts
    • Personalized content recommendations using the Spotify algorithm
    • Ability to share your playlists with an advanced collaborative function
    • Available on both smartphone and computer
    • Spotify Connect


      • Audio quality limited to files equivalent to MP3 quality
      • Absence of online radios

        Apple Music: More than just a platform, an ecosystem

        Apple Music Logo

        Price :

        • Individual: €10.99
        • Family: €16.99

          Benefits :

          • Optimized for Apple devices (via AirPlay 2 )
          • A music catalog of more than 100 million titles and access to the iTunes Store.
          • Original radio stations and shows.
          • Ability to store music locally via iCloud.


            • An interface sometimes less intuitive
            • Audio quality limited to CD quality. Indeed, AirPlay 2 limits the transmission quality.

              Tidal: A Hi-Fi option

              Tidal logo

              Price :

              • Individual: €10.99
              • Individual Hi-Fi: €19.99
              • Family: €16.99

                Benefits :

                • High-resolution audio quality (Hi-Fi) up to 24bits / 192 khz.
                • Exclusive content, videos and live events.
                • A more equitable distribution of income with artists
                • Tidal Connect
                • Dolby Atmos support


                  • A more expensive Hi-Fi subscription.
                  • Audio quality limited to CD quality on the classic individual subscription

                    Deezer: The serious competitor

                    Deezer logo

                    Price :

                    • Individual: €11.99
                    • Family: €19.99

                    Benefits :

                    • A musical catalog of more than 90 million titles
                    • A “Flow” option for uninterrupted listening.
                    • A French streaming service
                    • Ability to listen to live radio stations


                    • No Deezer Connect function
                    • Several advanced features are reserved for paid subscriptions.
                    • Limited to CD quality

                    Qobuz: The audiophile option

                    Qobuz logo

                    Price :

                    • Studio Solo: €12.49/month with one-year commitment or €14.99/month for a no-obligation subscription.

                    (This formula is also available as a Duo or Family)

                    • Sublime Solo: €16.66/month with one-year commitment.

                    (This plan is only available as a subscription with commitment and the Duo or Family subscription is also available)

                    Benefits :

                    • The platform offering the best audio quality (Hi-Res)
                    • A platform specializing in classical music and quality recordings.
                    • A quality editorial line designed for musical discovery.
                    • Hi-Res quality from 12.49 euros per month


                    • Catalog smaller than some platforms.
                    • No Qobuz Connect function

                    Choosing the streaming service that's right for you will depend on your preferences in terms of audio quality, features, and how it integrates with your devices . Spotify will give you a catalog that comes with a solid recommendation system, while Apple Music will integrate seamlessly into your Apple ecosystem. Tidal will stand out with its catalog with a Hi-Fi character, Deezer will offer diversity and friendly ergonomics and Qobuz will target more passionate audiophiles.

                    Our opinion :

                    The Octavio Maestro connected speaker (as well as all products such as the Octavio Stream network player and the Octavio Amp connected amplifier) ​​are compatible with these streaming services. We integrate AirPlay 2 technologies allowing streaming from Apple Music , Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect technologies. As for Deezer and Qobuz , they are directly in the Octavio Virtuose control application.

                    As far as we are concerned, we advise you to choose a streaming service that offers broadcasting without sound compression. Qobuz is the perfect choice if you are looking for the best audio quality, the platform also offers extremely extensive editorial content.

                    Why choose an uncompressed streaming service?

                    This way you can enjoy audio files in their best formats and be sure to have the best quality and get the most out of your audio devices.

                    Trick :

                    Have you already subscribed to a streaming service and want to change without losing your favorite playlists and tracks? You can use the Soundiiz solution to transfer your playlists between different streaming services.

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