How to add sound to a restaurant or business?

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Music in points of sale is increasingly appreciated, with nearly eight out of ten consumers preferring stores with a musical atmosphere, according to a study by MOOD / Sacem . The distribution of a personalized playlist leads to a significant increase in the recommendation rate of brands (66% compared to 50%) and the return intentions of first-time visitors reach 72% with music, compared to 51% without. Music also makes it possible to differentiate the point of sale and improve its image for 70% of customers.

Setting up a sound environment that reflects your bar, restaurant or business therefore has positive consequences that should not be overlooked. It improves the overall customer experience and strengthens your brand image.

How to choose your sound system?

The first crucial aspect to take into account when adding sound to a restaurant or business is to choose the right audio system. It is important to consider the size of the space (to define the optimal number of speakers) the type of activity and the ambiance you want to create, but most importantly, your system should be easy to install and maintain. to use .

Multiroom system and AirPlay 2

Commercial establishments are often made up of several zones, each of which may require a specific sound atmosphere. Multiroom systems allow independent control of music from different parts of the establishment, which offers total flexibility to create varied ambiances depending on the spaces. A multiroom system therefore makes it very easy to personalize , from a dedicated application, the musical atmosphere broadcast within your establishment.

AirPlay 2 compatibility is also a major asset, it allows for wireless and simple connection with Apple devices.

Octavio offers you a whole ecosystem of products, compatible with multiroom and AirPlay 2, which adapts to your needs.

Octavio Maestro speakers

You do not yet have an audio system: Octavio Maestro

If you do not yet have an audio system, the Octavio Maestro connected speakers, available in Light or Black version, will fit perfectly into your business and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space, while allowing you to benefit from 'quality sound.

You have passive speakers: Octavio Amp

If you already have passive speakers, you can opt for a small but powerful connected amplifier, which adapts to your speakers like the Octavio Amp .

You have a complete audio system that is not connected: Octavio Stream

The Octavio Stream network player, compact and discreet, combines with the speakers to offer them multiroom and AirPlay 2 compatibility, a simple way to modernize your audio system without changing your entire existing installation.

All our products can be controlled via a dedicated application: Octavio Virtuose . It allows you to manage your music for your entire system, easily and quickly with an intuitive interface .

Installation of a music system in a business

Installing sound elements for a business can quickly become complex; you must ensure that you have the right supports to position the speakers and that they have access to a power source. This is why our simple and quickly configurable products are a solution to help you save time.
You can also hire professionals (integrators), but this will cost you time and money. The solution to adding sound to your business at a lower cost is to do it on your own.

Sound system for a business: what does it cost?

Obviously this depends on the size of your business and the number of speakers and speakers needed to have a nice sound environment. Also count on an additional cost if you use a service provider for installation. At Octavio, we also offer you an audio equipment rental offer for the sound system of your business, bar or restaurant. Leasing audio equipment is of real interest to you as a retailer, since it allows you to change the sound ambiance of your store whenever you want.

If you would like to carry out a study of your needs to carry out an installation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Play music in a business

The broadcasting of music in a space open to the public is subject to rules.

To broadcast music in an establishment open to the public, you must declare the sound system in your space to the regional delegation of the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers (SACEM), which collects royalties and pays artists afterwards.

The copyright fee consists of an annual flat rate , the amount of which is adapted according to the type of activity, the number of clients, the surface area of ​​your establishment and the size of the city in which you are located.

Concluding a contract with SACEM is not your only option, you also have the possibility of broadcasting royalty-free music , the authors of this music have waived their rights, you are therefore allowed to broadcast them for free.

In conclusion, sound for a restaurant or business is a wise investment to strengthen the brand image and improve the customer experience . By opting for quality, aesthetic systems with features such as multiroom and airplay 2, you can ensure that music becomes a powerful ally in your establishment.

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