Octavio Trade, the trade-in program for your Octavio device

Schéma du fonctionnement d'Octavio Trade

Why Octavio Trade?

Some of you have already participated in this program by upgrading from a first generation Octavio Stream to a second generation Octavio Stream . The objective was to give you access to a more advanced product at a lower cost without throwing away your Octavio Stream V1.

It was an approach that really affected you at the time.

Well, we have decided to extend the program to all Octavio products. ( Octavio Amp and Octavio Maestro )

With the expansion of Octavio Trade , we have taken the next step in our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We are aware of the environmental impact that overconsumption and waste of electronic products can have. This is why we have taken the initiative to accelerate this take-back program to encourage our customers to adopt a more eco-responsible approach to their Hi-Fi equipment.

Every electronic product has an environmental footprint, from its manufacturing to its disposal at the end of its life.

By extending the life of your Octavio devices through the Octavio Trade program, you are actively participating in reducing these negative impacts. You help avoid the production of new equipment, the consumption of natural resources and the generation of electronic waste. In other words, you contribute to the preservation of our planet.

In addition to the environmental benefits, Octavio Trade also offers significant financial benefits. In exchange for your existing Octavio device, we offer you preferential prices on our entire range of Octavio products. You can thus obtain new equipment at a lower cost while contributing to the protection of the environment.

Furthermore, this program allows you to continue to upgrade your Hi-Fi system, as you may have already done by purchasing an Octavio product.

Each product returned will be refurbished and reintroduced into our distribution circuit. Another music enthusiast can then enjoy your old device.

Information on our production

The production of each Octavio product is carried out in collaboration, wherever possible, with local companies that are themselves respectful of the environment.

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