Why use Audirvana?

Pourquoi utiliser Audirvana ?

Audirvana 's goal is to provide absolute transparency for your high-quality music for listening from a computer.

Founded in 2011 by Frenchman Damien Plisson, Audirvana is high-quality audio playback software which has made its place in recent years in the world of Hi-Fi.

How it works ? The technical excellence of Audirvana

The software also offers an interface from which you can easily manage all the audio files in your local library and which integrates streaming services such as Tidal and Qobuz , allowing you to access a wide variety of music in high resolution.

Audirvana maximizes the capabilities of your computer so that it can serve as your audio playback source and is capable of fully exploiting all file formats, including high resolution .

Audirvana optimizes the audio stream by minimizing CPU activity during music playback and shortening the signal path which reduces potential disruption and loss of sound quality. The software also carries out digital processing using high-quality algorithms.
Audirvana is designed to process audio files with high precision. It supports resolutions of up to 32 bits and sampling rates of up to 384 KHz, ensuring exceptional sound quality, it is capable of playing files:

FLAC, Ogg FLAC, AIFF, AIFF-C,WAVE, MP3, MPEG-4, Apple Lossless, AAC, WMA, ASF, Opus, M4A, APE, Cue Sheet, WavPack, DSDIFF, DSF and SACD ISO

If you have an external DAC , Audirvana is compatible with many models, allowing you to fully exploit their potential.

An intuitive interface

Audirvana offers an optimized user interface that allows you to quickly manage and find all your music.

You also have access to an Audirvana Remote application which allows you to control music remotely from your smartphone or tablet.
Available on IOS and Android, it allows you to browse our music collection, even when you are not behind your screen.

Why use Audirvana with Octavio products?

Octavio Amp amplifier detected by “Plays with Audirvana”

Plays with Audirvana

Audirvana automatically detects our entire product line as soon as one of these devices is selected as an audio output.

When this selection is made, a “ Plays with Audirvana ” notification is displayed to indicate that the device has undergone comprehensive testing to ensure full compatibility with the software.
Audirvana will also apply predefined audio settings specifically tailored to your device, the result of collaborative work between Octavio and the Audirvana team, allowing you to exploit the maximum capabilities of Octavio software and products.
Using Audirvana with your Octavio products also provides the ability to play a wider variety of audio file extensions.

How much does it cost ?

Audirvana Studio versus Audirvana Origin licenses

Audirvana offers different licenses depending on your needs:

Audirvana Origin

The Audirvana Origin plan is a lifetime license available as a one-time purchase at €119.99
This plan is interesting if you want to benefit from ergonomic navigation in your local audio files but it does not allow you to access podcasts, web radios as well as Qobuz and Tidal subscriptions.
Audirvana Origin allows you to take advantage of the Audirvana remote application for controlling music playback from your smartphone or tablet.

Audirvana Studio

The Audirvana studio plan is the full version of Audirvana and is available:

  • in the form of a monthly subscription at the price of €6.99, without commitment
  • in the form of an annual subscription at the price of 69.99e (or less than 5.99e per month)

Audirvana Studio allows you to enjoy your local music but also your Qobuz and/or Tidal streaming services and all podcasts and web radio.
Just like Audirvana Origin, you also get the Audirvana Remote app for control from your smartphone or tablet.

Try before you commit

If you wish to test the software before committing, you benefit from 3 months free for the purchase of a product from the Octavio range, which allows you to test all the software's functionalities.

In a few words

Audirvana is a high-quality audio player that has been designed to provide an optimal listening experience for audiophiles. It improves sound quality, offers a pleasant and intuitive user interface. If audio quality is important to you, Audirvana might just be the ideal software to enhance your musical experience.

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