Energy impact of the product

Impact énergétique du produit

The environmental issue is an integral part of the design of our products. Find out how the Octavio Stream product has been optimized to meet these criteria.

Consumption in operation

During typical use, Octavio Stream has an energy consumption of 2W.

Auto sleep mode

Octavio Stream has an automatic sleep mode reducing its energy consumption to 1W in case of inactivity.

Should I unplug my device?

In the event of prolonged inactivity (such as going on vacation), we recommend unplugging your Octavio Stream device so as not to use energy unnecessarily.

Nevertheless, in a more traditional context of use, you can leave your Octavio Stream device plugged in without fear. Its sleep mode allows your device to be always available when you need it while reducing its consumption in case of inactivity.

Product repairability

The Octavio Stream housing is designed to be easily repairable by a screw system without any glue. In the event of after-sales service, only the anti-slip pads will be replaced.

The electronic system is broken down into two parts:

  1. The power supply and analog audio parts of the product
  2. Streaming and software capabilities

This division allows us a better degree of repairability, in order to replace only the defective part in the event of a malfunction.

It is not advisable to repair the product yourself in the event of a malfunction , this could cause additional and irreversible damage. If you are short of time, contact our team, we will find a solution together.

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