Upgrade your current sound systems, and listen to your music in different rooms of your home.
Be sure to get your Octavio

listening to your music has never been SO SIMPLE

Octavio accompanies you every moment of your day to enjoy your music without interruption.

From breakfast

It is 7am, and Paris is already awake. Your day begins, and you want to enjoy your favorite playlist, until your breakfast.

From your kitchen to your bathroom, enjoy your music continuously for the best possible start of the day.

To evening

All your friends are gathered to spend a pleasant evening. But the music in all this?

With Octavio, simply stream your music to every room in your house at a time, and get talk about yourself.

Compatible with all your speakers

Compatible with most of your audio systems (stereo, bluetooth speaker, sound bar, home theater) with auxiliary input.

* Pre-amplified audio systems only

From any device

Stream all your music to Octavio from your bluetooth phone, from your computer from Spotify Connect, or from any sound source through Octavio’s auxiliary input, and enjoy your vinyls anywhere in your home.

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