Your music, wherever you are

Upgrade your current sound systems, and listen to your music in different rooms of your home.

Connect Octavio to your current sound systems

Compatible with most of your audio systems (stereo, bluetooth speaker, sound bar, home theater) with auxiliary input.

Stream your music simply

Compatible with the most popular broadcast systems, such as Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, but also has an auxiliary input for example to connect your turntable.

Enjoy your music everywhere with you

At home

It is 7am, and Paris is already awake. Your day begins, and you want to enjoy your favorite playlist, until your breakfast.

Let Octavio do it, you are busy enough like that.

In a party

All your friends are gathered to spend a pleasant evening. But the music in all this?


With Octavio, simply stream your music to every room in your house at a time, and get talk about yourself.


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